Dennis Ferro

Virtual Adept Nexplorer


Virtual Adept


background: before he awakened, Dennis “Sh00sh” Ferro was apprentice to a Virtual Adept by the name of Run-time Error. Their cabal of troublemakers terrorized the local technocrats by locating their sensory apparatuses and sabotaging their data feed. Much Lulz were had as the local NWO agents ran their shoes threadbare chasing down false sightings of vampires ghosts and faeries. That all came to an end when the Technocrats finally backtraced their antics. Dennis awakened during the escape, and as far as he was ever aware was the only one who made it. He got out of the game that night, devoting time to research and his IRL family. Things were good.

And then RTE sent Dennis a DVD. It was a wonder stolen from a covert agency and it contained a procedure that had been 99% fatal to every human subject until it latched into Dennis’s brain. Now he has terabytes of classified data trapped in his brain; a compressed point full of gray matter networked into his own neural process.

Now, Dennis has to get back into the game for his own good. too many interested parties want the Data-Point and its secrets. He never did get involved in the Ascension War before. He intends to make those who brought it to his doorstep regret it.

Dennis Ferro

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